Machining Equipment We Make Use of:

Ariboil is home to a wide range of machining tools and equipmentsecond to none in our region of Nigeria. Our team of problem solvers are specialized in using our facilities tools to solve your problems. Below is list of equipment we use to solve your machining problems:

  1. CNC Lathes
  2. CNC Milling Machines
  3. Drilling Machines

About Ariboil Company Limited

Ariboil is a steel fabrication and soild control service company and was founded in 1988. We are located in EGBU Automous community, just north of the city of Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. We are proud to be 100% Nigerian, and look forward to serving you.View More

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Address: 200 Ariboil Ave, Egbu, Owerri North L.G.A, PMB 1132, Imo, Nigeria