Solids Control Equipment We Provide:


Ariboil provides Standard, Variable and Full Variable decanter centrifuges from various manufactures from around the world. Our centrifuges rotating assemblies are constructed from Centrispun Duplex stainless steel. The scroll is constructed of the same material and the flights have tungsten carbide tiles fitted to ensure increased abrasion resistance. We specialize in 14" inch bowl centrifuges and own all 12 centrifuges in our fleet.

  1. Brandt HS3400EP Decanter Centrifuges
  2. Brandt HS5200EP Decanter Centrifuges
  3. Hutchinson-Hayes Standard Decanter Centrifuges
  4. Hutchinson-Hayes Full Variable Decanter Centrifuges
  5. Kosun Decanter Centrifuges


Ariboil provides is a cost-effective dryer to recover base fluid from drilled cuttings or production wastes. As part of the Ariboil Company Limited provided solids control and waste management equipment, The Tornado Dryer helps you meet environmental objectives by reducing waste volume, maximizing liquid recovery, and reducing your project cost.

  1. CSI Tornado Cuttings Dryers
  2. Kosun Vertical Cuttings Dryer


Ariboil Shakers are a high volume linear motion machine. The features include:

  • ContourPlusSM linear screen deck reduces liquid pool depth and minimizes re-grinding of solids.
  • More screening area-33.7ft² - for higher process volumes and drier screen discharge.
  • Ability to use the same screen panels on both top and bottom screen decks.
  • Adjustable-while-drilling system for quick deck angle change from -10º to + 5º without interrupting operations. Once the proper deck angle is selected, two pins maintain the desired angle and eliminate excess loading on the hydraulic cylinder.
  • Reliable, low maintenance drive system for years of dependable, trouble-free operation.
  • Flat Diamondback™ screen panels provide excellent screen life through 325 mesh.


Ariboil Auger Conveyors are designed specifically for transporting cuttings and other drilling waste. Each is sized for specific application and includes automatic safety shut-down, heavy safety guards and easy-to-handle sectional construction. All conveyors can be supplied with optional coatings or liners, reversible drive system, and specific scroll flight configuration to meet special requirements.